“I decided to bring this up because it’s very relevant”: Ananya Panday on her ‘So Positive’ initiative

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Ananya Panday on the occasion of Social media day announced that she will be taking up a digital social responsibility initiative to combat the issue of social media bullying. The aim of the initiative is to spread awareness that the faceless bullying on social media exists and it’s high time that we all acknowledge it- stand up for it, to negate it.

Talking about why Ananya has taken up a DSR when there are so many other causes which require support, Ananya shares, “I decided to bring this up because it’s very relevant. I was older when I got on social media but I have a younger sister (Rysa) who is just 15 and she is already on Social Media. Trolling and bullying have become a norm on social media and people are not aware of the ways to deal with it. So it’s important to create awareness and let people know that they are not alone.”

With the initiative which is just a day old and still receiving tremendous support, the actress aims at some achievements, as she shares, “Through this initiative, I want a build a community which is against social media bullying. I will be posting details about bullying and also out information about what people can do to report bullying. We would lobby for social media empathy and constructive criticism with this initiative. For example, how they can report and block bullies on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. I will also give out numbers of certain counsellors who they can get in touch with, besides creating a direct line with me to talk sometimes about the issues they are facing.”

The Student of The Year 2 actress, who will next appear in the Pati Patni Aur Woh remake, has been widely appreciated for the efforts at spreading more positivity in the digital world. With ‘So Positive’ Ananya Panday sure is carrying the baton with her initiative and where she is getting love from the who’s who of Bollywood as well.

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