Hrithik Roshan’S Heart Swells With Pride After India’S Glory At Cwg 2018


India has had one-of-its-best shows ever at the Commonwealth Games, and just like every India out there, Hrithik Roshan couldn’t contain his excitement and ecstasy over the terrific performance of our athletes, hailing the performance of the entire contingent of athletes at CWG 2018 on his Twitter account.

India pocketed 66 medals at CWG 2018, including 26 golds, plus finished with the third-highest medal tally at the tournament, and Hrithik echoed all our sentiments when he waxed lyrical at the collective performance of India’s atheletes at the Commonwealth Games. His tweet contained words like, “Brilliant show Team India”, “Bravo”, and “Swells your heart in pride”, which is exactly what we all wish to tell our country’s athletes who’ve just competed at the CWG.


Great gesture by Hrithik and two thumbs up to all the Indian athletes who participated at CWG 2018. Extremely well played, guys.

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