Hrithik Roshan tells us about his #MySuperTeacher


After sending appreciation for the teachers all across with his recent post where Hrithik Roshan expressed how teachers are the ‘nation-builders’, the superstar shared another post on his handle to tell us all about his two teachers with the hashtag #MySuperTeacher. Hrithik expressed how his two teachers were his grandfather, Deda and his speech therapist, Dr. Oza who were an important part of his life and paid a tribute to his teachers for life- asking everyone to share their #MySuperTeacher through posts, as well.

Hrithik shared a trail of tweets to tell us about his super teacher with a picture of his Nana while he spends time with them and wrote, “Working on #Super30 had me thinking about the teachers who have been instrumental in making me who I am today. While a lot of names came to my mind, there are two who I call #MySuperTeacher”

“#MySuperTeacher – My Nana who I lovingly call Deda, for the lessons he has taught me at every stage of my life, which I share with my kids now. And Dr Oza, my speech therapist as a child, who taught me to accept my weakness and helped me overcome my fear of stammer.”

“Guys, would love to know about your Super Teacher too! Share your stories with me using the hashtag #MySuperTeacher”, he urged everyone to share their posts, as well.

The previous day, the actor gave us a post which highlighted the efforts and importance of the profession of teachers which is not only the foundation of every individual’s future but also as he says, are the nation-builders of the future of our society and the country in the truest sense. True, how Hrithik feels so much for the initiative that he scrolled through his galleries and shared some gems with us with #MySuperTeacher.

Hrithik has not only created a bond with the students on and off screen- from Super 30 students to Anand Kumar’s real students but is also, giving due respect to the teachers who shape the future of the children of the society. With this special screening, Hrithik with the teachers is definitely a sight to have for the real as well as the reel teacher.

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