Hrithik Roshan shows a never seen side in his journey to become a Bihari Babu for Super 30


Hrithik Roshan will leave you in splits with his never-seen avatar on the journey to become a Bihari Babu where he recently shared a behind the scenes video on how he prepared for the new avatar. The actor sacrificing and devoting all his knowledge and skills to get into the shoes of a common man is a vision in the most entertaining element which has totally made our day better.

Delivering every Bihari word with the most sass and quirk and even moulding himself in the shape of a man from the distant towns with no shadow of sounding like a star, Hrithik has given us the perfect dose of entertainment for times to come and we’re shook with his flair which sure has proven the best with Super 30 getting all the appreciation for his phenomenal performance.

The superstar has left no stone unturned to get the role of Anand Kumar right as he captured the soul of Anand’s character. The actor reaches all limits from leaving his sophisticated lifestyle to capturing the minutest gestures and nuances.

Talking about Super 30, the actor has definitely gotten into the skin of his character of a Bihari Maths teacher by hitting the right chords with a soulful and emotional message in each moment of the movie.

Super 30 addresses and acknowledges the importance of teachers in the building and strengthening of society and the pivotal role they play at the base level in shaping up an individual which in turn leads to the shaping up of a society.

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