Hrithik Roshan shares his secret when it comes to choosing hits like Super 30 and Koi Mil Gaya


Hrithik Roshan lets out a little secret on how he chooses films like Super 30 and Koi Mil Gaya which have become path-breaking hits in the Industry.
The Super 30 actor shared, “There were people who told me don’t do such a film. They told me the same thing before I did films like Koi Mil Gaya. You have an action hero image what are you doing with such a film. It’s very important to fight the mathematics and calculations when it comes to things of the heart.”
Millennial star shares about how his choice of movies has always been straight from his heart. The actor also revealed that there were many people stopping him from doing films like Koi Mil Gaya.
Super 30 is having a strong run at the box office after its second week. The movie has become Tax-free in many states of the nation thus making the tickets even more accessible to the distant quarters of the society.
Hrithik Roshan is basking in the glory of Super 30 as the film is doing great at the Box Office but not only this, the film has become tax-free in the major states of India which adds more accolades to their name while it has raked up more than 125 crores at the box office.
The movie was released on 12 July, and is still running successfully being a massive hit and has crossed the bracket of 100 crore club, garnering praise and love from all around the world.

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