How the glory of MAMI is being ruined by the rise of pseudo-intellectual attendees each year

Bollywood Opinion Piece

Is it really that necessary for audiences to applaud at the end of every film in MAMI? Has it also become a forgone conclusion that the handful of us who don’t restrict our affection to only a certain school of cinema, be forced to listen to pseudo-intellectuals — forming a majority of the crowds at MAMI 2018 — ranting about their superior tastes and belittling mainstream commercial Indian cinema before the start and at the end of every film?

Not every film being shown at Jio MAMI 2018 is great just because it’s international or desi indie cinema. In fact, more than half of the movies screened every year at Jio MAMI with Star are nothing but typical arty, festival drivel that say little, bore you to death, but wear a pretentious facade like the pseudo-intellectuals who attend this film festival. This is why I now prefer #IFFI to MAMI though the former is held annually in Goa, because it’s still a place where all kinds of cinema is celebrated.

Jio MAMI has stopped being a celebration of the love and passion for cinema since some time now, and has been contorted into a showcase for SJW hipsters to beat their so-called intellect down the throats of the rest few of us who actually turn up to support good cinema, be it artistic or mainstream, Indian or foreign fare. But making the pseudos see this is a tougher task than scaling Everest because if they can’t exploit platforms like these to feed their privileged egos, then how would they continue adhering to peer pressure, convincing themselves of their higher intellect, and patting each other on the back?

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