How Bollywood’s beggars can teach us to be street smart


Beggars have been an integral part of Bollywood films since the time Hindi cinema came into existence. Everyone from bit players, side actors, and familiar characters artistes to strong supporting actors and lead heroes and heroines have played beggary roles at some or another time in their careers – often entrenching indelible marks on the audience’s psyche with their memorable performances. And, many a time, these filmy beggars can even teach us a thing or two with how they get by, survive, and attain the little pleasure in life, sometimes even acting as indispensable assets for others, on account of their street smarts.

Here are  street smart techniques we could well learn from our Bollywood beggars:


1.) A cute, furry animal as a companion always wins people’s hearts


2.) A crying baby works equally well


3.) You can get away with the most evil of plans if you look destitute enough


4.) And if you’re a buudhi, lachaar maa, always remember to use it to your advantage


5.) If you don’t have the right tools, always look around for some desi juggaadd


6.) When cooking up a plan, use all the help you can get


7.) Also, playing blind can help you score just about any chick


8.) And, most of all, never, ever hesitate to shed your tears