Holiday In Chennai And Bangalore For Rajinikanth S Kabali


Rajinikanth’s name and only Rajinikanth’s name is capable of such feats. News has come in that many organizations in Chennai and Bangalore have declared 22nd July 2016, the day Kabali releases, as a holiday for their staff because the management had realized that several employees would have anyway called in sick or simply switched of their phones to catch the first-day-first-show of their favorite star.

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Among the companies that have declared a holiday are prominent names such as Bangalore’s Opus Waterproofing and Chennai’s Fyndus India Pvt. Ltd. Some companies will even be providing free tickets of the film with a goal to curb piracy.

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Here are their official letter declaring a holiday on 22nd July:


Now this is what you call superstardom!

Image Source: V. Creations

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