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Gone are the days when TV actors in India were paid peanuts compared to their big-screen counterparts. Nowadays, several TV stars, especially in Hindi soaps, command salaries that are equal to some of big names in Bollywood, at least among the current generation, and in some cases, the pay packets of the former would leave many Hindi cinema actors green with envy. And with most TV artistes being paid remunerations per day or per episode, they end up walking home with a cool sum by the time their commitment to a particular show is done and dusted.

So let’s take a look at the highest paid actors on television in today’s times:

TV ActorSalary
Sakshi TanwarRs.70,000-Rs.1 lakh per day
Mohit RainaRs.1 lakh per episode
Ankita LokhandeRs.1 lakh per day
Shivaji SatamRs.1 lakh per day
Jennifer WingetRs.1 lakh per episode
Ram KapoorRs.1.25 lakh per day
Ronit RoyRs.1.25 lakh per day
Mishal RahejaRs.1.60 lakh per day
Maniesh PaulRs. 1.50 crore per show as a host
Shilpa ShettyRs. 14 crore per show as a judge

No wonder these actors are more than content with their TV assignments, and plus, the odd film in-between boosts their already large remunerations along with offering them the creative satisfaction they may miss on the small screen.

Image Sources: SKF, SOny TV, and Instagram/jenniferwinget1

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