Here’s why Nitibha Kaul of Bigg Boss 10 could be the next big thing on Indian Television

Nitibha Kaul, who came to Bigg Boss 10 as a ‘commoner’ contestant has managed to leave a mark in the show. The lady has never hesitated to take a stand against what’s wrong and is known for her having a smart mouth. Like it has been mentioned several times on the show, that this Kashmiri beauty has worked for a Google and left the job to participate in the reality show, not many of you would know that she has been the winner of ‘Nokia Lumia My app’ as well. Not just that, Nitibha also has her YouTube channel ‘Bro Nikal’ which she runs with her friend and they both love to travel. (Also Read: Check Out These Superhot Pictures Of Lopamudra Raut)

Now that the finale of Bigg Boss 10 is approaching, we were too excited to know every contestant who has managed to come ahead in the game. And guess what, we got our hands on these beautiful pictures of Nitibha Kaul, which are proof that she is quite a fashionista and we need to see more of her on our TV screens.

Image Credits: Instagram, nitibhakaul