Here’s what Bajra vs Burger is all about

Bollywood Trailer

Bajra vs Burger , the film which is made to show new phase biggest Difference that we lead in Metropolitan cites and Rural cities . City which is dealing with Monthly bills and Natural farm economics , Here Director Raj Singh Verma has to convey instead stay on Farm instead of pollution and live long. Also PVR Cinemaas tied a bond with Bajra vs Burger for Three years to show the film in all Rural areas as the screens will be demanded. The movie itself getting fabulous trailer reviews from Book My show. CSA Community support agriculture for people who cannot drop the city life. Give farmers who grow chemical free food) a prosperous, healthy life so that no one leaves the profession. Personal realization and action : One fine day the above enlightenment happened that we are chasing comfort not true happiness. Hence decided to make the transition and bought 2 farms one in Rajasthan and second in Maharashtra. Quit the high paying profession to chase true happiness. From high end luxury car to cycle, .super market to sustainable farm . “Also the entire film Expectation from the Film is My biggest success is when someone returns from the city to start farming again. And so far, many have returned to their land. This is only the beginning of a rural, organic revolution and a real revolution. Also people should think twice before leaving their respective villages.” Director Raj Singh Verma reveals DVD launched in presence of NGO firm Brahmakumari s , Jyothi Venkatesh and Director Raj Singh Verma, SingerShirin Charania , Priyanka Raina and media. Also Director Raj Singh Verma has an advertising background and has Directed ADS for SOTC . apart also acted in lead serials like Uttann and on Zee , Sony. Watch Trailer of highly acclaimed Bajra vs Burger shared on Book My Show

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