Here’s what Ananya Panday has to say about the new Instagram feature against social-media bullying


The Student of the Year actress has made everyone proud of her big digital social responsibility initiative towards social media bullying. Supporting this cause, Instagram introduced a new feature and here’s what Ananya has to say about it.

“There is no organised way to deal with incessant trolling, so I just want to provide for people to know how to handle such a situation. Recently, Instagram has made changes in the way they go about trolling. I feel happy that So Positive has made that change now:Before you pass a hateful comment, you get a notification asking, ‘Are you sure you want to post it?’. So it also makes that trolls think twice.”

This is exactly the thought which the actress had when she was planning to take up and voice the protest against the bullying that affects teenagers the most. In the digital environment and it being a public platform, where everyone sees it happening but no one actually takes a step to stop it- Ananya is carrying the baton for the cause.

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