Here S The List Of 10 Highest Paid Bollywood Actors


Bollywood actors receive a lot of love from the audience. But, apart from the appreciation and fan following, the stars also rake in mega bucks. Contrary to the expectation that most of the dough comes from the film fee, the stars earn a substantial percentage from advertisements and brand endorsements.

However, the big question is, how much do they exactly make? Well, Forbes recently answered that question. They released the list of top 10 highest paid Bollywood actors in 2017. While the usual suspects made it to the list, there are quite a few interesting trends that can be observed. Firstly, only two actresses made it in top 10, and interestingly both of them recently cashed in on their Hollywood stint.  Secondly, despite Aamir’s Dangal becoming the highest grosser worldwide, his income is substantially lesser than SRK, Salman and even Akshay, mostly because he doesn’t do too many endorsements, shedding light on how lucrative brand promotions can get.

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Without further ado, here’s the full list

1) Shah Rukh Khan – $38 million

2) Salman Khan – $37 million

3) Akshay Kumar – $35.5 million

4) Aamir Khan – $12.5 million

5) Hrithik Roshan – $11.5 million

6) Deepika Padukone – $11 million

7) Ranveer Singh – $10 million

8) Priyanka Chopra – $10 million

9) Amitabh Bachchan – $9 million

10) Ranbir Kapoor – $8.5 million

Image Credits – Red Chillies, Plan C, T Series, SLB films

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