Here S Proof That Bollywood Thinks Women With Glasses Are Nerdy


Bollywood is famous for stereotyping women, especially when it comes to fashion, the character is made to wear outfits that reflect their personality. But is it right to judge people from their looks? We’ve all grown up learning that one should never judge a book by its cover, then why does Bollywood continue doing so? Most of the times, actresses are made to wear spectacles when they’re portraying the character of a nerdy girl and if you’re still not convinced, we have proof –

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1.       Preity Zinta in Kal Ho Na Ho

Chashmish Naina”, the name SRK gave to Preity Zinta in the film, was studying to be an MBA. The fact that she’s studying in life, makes her super-smart as per Bollywood standards, which is why it is important for her to wear glasses.

Image Credits: Dharma Productions

2.       Sonam Kapoor in Bewakoofiyan

Sonam Kapoor plays the role of Mayera who works in the financial service industry. ‘Financial Service Industry’, big words, no? That must also mean that a girl with such a serious job would rack her brains reading books and spending hours infront of the computer screen and eventually landing with a pair of glasses. You Nailed It, Bollywood!

Image Credits: YRF

3.       Kareena Kapoor Khan in 3 Idiots

Again a doctor, a gynaecologist, to be precise, Pia wears specs with a red frame because she’s an expert at her job just like Rancho is a great engineering student? But why is only Pia wearing specs to look suitable for her job profile? Why does Rancho only wear specs when he ages a little bit, why not when he was a genius in college?

Image Credits: Vidhu Vinod Chopra Films

4.       Sonakshi Sinha in Noor

Sonakshi plays a serious journalist in Noor, the film hasn’t released yet so we’re waiting to know what else this brainy journalist does. But TBH, I’m a journalist too who wears specs, but I have so many journalist friends who don’t and they’re pretty good at their job. So, it’s not like you HAVE to, you can but you don’t HAVE to, really!

Image Credits: Abundantia Ent

5.       Katrina Kaif in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani

Katrina Kaif, a bookworm who knows nothing of the outside world, we don’t know how then she is supposed to be brainy but well, she was! She chooses the wrong guy to get married to but she’s smart anyway because she reads books and wears specs.

Image Credits: UTV Motion Pictures

6.       Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

She was the smartest of her clan, why? Well, because she was a doctor and if you’re a doctor you’ve got to super-brainy and brainy girls wear specs, isn’t that what we’ve learnt from Bollywood so far? Hence, Deepika wore specs in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Later, she blooms into a complete hottie and her glasses disappear.

Image Credits: Dharma Productions

In the end, we’re not saying that women who wear spectacles are not smart, all we’re saying is that women who don’t wear them can also surprise you with their wit at times. Coming to fashion, specs also make for an amazing style statement, so stop stereotyping them as something that only brainy or nerdy women can wear! Women with specs look ultra-sexy especially when they’re paired with formals, so you can get a pair of zero power glasses for yourself If you’re looking to make a statement at work. (Also Read: 7 Bollywood Rom-Coms That Proved To Be A Major Fashion Inspiration)

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