Haanikaarak Bapu From Dangal Will Resonate With Every Kid Who S Had A Strict Dad


The first song of Dangal is out and true to the film’s theme, it shows how Geeta and Babita Phogat were trained by their dad, Mahavir Singh – played by Aamir Khan – from an early age. Not only their training, but the song also highlights how Aamir’s character leaves no stone unturned in his endeavor to make them wrestlers worthy of taking on any opponent. In doing so, he doesn’t spare an inch in driving them up the wall. Hence, the song’s name – Haanikaarak Bapu, which literally translates to a dad that’s injurious to your health, but in this case, means a father who’s prepared to be a badass in order to make his girls ready for the ring.

The song has been sung by a bunch of talented Rajasthani kids and beautifully depicts the relationship between Mahavir and his daughters. Watch it below:


And kid, with a dad who has raised them with an iron hand yet loved them to bits, will connect to the song.

Image and Video Source: UTV Motion Pictures

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