Golmaal Again Movie Review: The Ideal Fun Family Outing This Diwali


Diwali is a time that sees the maximum turnout from the family audience – everyone from aunts and uncles to grandpas and grannies to teenagers and toddlers go in one jingbang lot to enjoy a fun-filled, clean entertainer, packed with masala, comedy, emotions, drama, and action, and headlined by a big star. In that respect, Rohit Shetty’s latest entrant in his super-successful Golmaal franchise – Golmaal Again – fits the bill almost perfectly, plus there are some cool supernatural elements and special effects to boot. To put it candidly, Golmaal Again promised a fun-filled, madcap, silly romp (the tagline itself stated ‘logic nahin sirf magic’), and on that count, it delivers with complete gusto.

The plot is harebrained, but, then again, it doesn’t need to be anything more when you have Rohit Shetty and his trusted team at work. The same motley crew of Gopal (Ajay Devgn), Madhav (Arshad Warsi), Laxman 1 (Shreyas Talpade), Laxman 2 (Kunal Kemmu), and Lucky (Tusshar Kapoor), are back along with the other usual suspects like Pappi (Johnny Lever), Babli (Sanjay Mishra), and Vasooli (Mukesh Tiwari). This time an afterlife expert, Anna Mathew (Tabu), an impressionable young girl Khushi (Parineeti Chopra), and two unscrupulous builders, Vasu Reddy (Prakash Raj) and Nikhil (Neil Nitin Mukhesh) are also thrown in the mix.

Golmaal 4 is also a celebration of everything Bollywood in many ways. Gopal is the quintessential action hero of Hindi cinema (Ajay Devgn gets to display the full force of his stardom and action-hero image in these scenes, which should be a treat for his fans). But, he’s also a wimp when it comes to anything remotely related to the supernatural, which makes it all the funnier considering the ease with which he bashes bad guys. Laxman 1 is the archetypal best friend, who even goes so far as to singing Gopal lullabies to assuage his fear of spirits (such scenes never appear gay when a Director with a firm grip on Bollywood tropes is at the helm). Meanwhile, Madhav, Laxman 2, and Lucky are the staple rascals, always putting a spoke in the hero’s plans, but who also possess good hearts to give with the hero when push comes to shove.

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In this delightful scenario, we have these five characters (and they’re real characters) travel to Ooty to attend a wake of their old orphanage proprietor, where they reencounter Khushi and her edler-sister like figure, Anna, and get to know of the Machiavellian designs of Vasu Reddy and Nikhil. There’s also a neat twist (some may see it coming, some may not, but for what it’s worth, it’s moves the plot forward) involving a friendly spirit from among one of the good guys, which is exploited to the fullest by the rest of the team to bring the baddies to book.

Rohit masterfully uses these situations to extract the silliest of humor, which will leave you in splits, provided you don’t be a prude and tag along for the ride. After all, being simultaneously silly and funny is no mean task, and Rohit has proved his dexterity at pulling it off on more than one occasion. We’ll even go so far as saying that this one is the best of the Golmaal series because there’s hardly a moment when you aren’t having a ball. And his trusted acolytes (read old and new cast members) are totally game to convincingly portray the silliest of scenes, with Prakash Raj’s impromptu jig, Shreyas’ Nana Patekar impression, and Ajay getting scared at the drop of a hat being the standout moments.

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However, the real hero of Golmaal 4 is the dialogues by Sajid-Farhad, who show once again that they’re at their best when putting pen to paper rather than wielding the camera and megaphone. It’s one punchline after another, with the timing so good that you’ll be jumping in your seats with hysteria. Warsi and Mishra do walk away with the best lines though. However, with all the good, there’s also some bad – cases in point being the unnecessary, almost superfluous inclusion of Vrajesh Hirjee’s Pandu character from the earlier films, Neil Nitin’s unconvincing turnover as the big baddie, and the rushed climax. Thankfully, the two remixes don’t mar the original and the new songs are pleasing to the ears.

So, take your entire family out – the entire jingbang lot – and strap in for a madcap, zany, no-logic-only-magic ride at the movies; Rohit Shetty style. Tabu keeps reiterating that when God intends something, then it’s not logic, but only magic that works, and on that parting note, Golmaal Again is the ideal magical gift you could gift your family this Diwali, if you’re a true aficionado of the magic of Hindi cinema.

Movified Rating: 3.5/5

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