Golmaal Again Box Office Records That Prove The Audience Goes Golmaal Over The Franchise


Golmaal Again’s stupendous box-office performance reminds one of a world-famous adage: ‘Nothing speaks louder than success’ – as befitting an idiom as any given the inexplicable vitriol spewed at the film by pseudo-intellectuals and armchair critics post its release, and the outpouring of love bestowed by the masses to silence every brickbat thrown at the film. Every new film of the franchise keeps getting pulled down by a select few, with terms like ‘brainless’, ‘illogical’, and ‘silly’; only to be uplifted to greater heights by many, with counter terms like ‘family fun’, ‘masala entertainment’, and ‘paisa-vasool’.

Likewise, the fourth installment of the series, Golmaal Again, has turned out to be such a rage at the box-office that it has not only surpassed the lifetime total of the erstwhile highest grosser in the franchise (Golmaal 3), but has also ended up setting several records along the way, not to mention reaffirming Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty’s credentials as among the premiere stars and Directors in the country. Competition at the ticket window from another anticipated film, too, couldn’t slow it down, and, even after two weeks, the film is still going strong.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the slew of box-office records established by Golmaal Again:

1.)   Highest grossing Bollywood film of 2017

2.)   Highest opening-day grosser of 2017 (Rs. 30.14 crore nett)

3.)   Highest opening-weekend grosser of 2017 (Rs. 87.60 crore nett)

4.)   Highest week one grosser of 2017 (Rs. 136.08 crore nett)

5.)   Highest-grossing film in the Golmaal franchise

6.)   Highest-grossing comedy film in Bollywood

7.)   First comedy film to enter the 150-crore club

8.)   First Ajay Devgn film to enter the 150-crore club

9.)   Highest-grossing film of the entire cast (Ajay Devgn, Parineeti Chopra, Arshad Warsi, Tabu, etc.)

10.) Second highest-grossing Rohit Shetty film of all time

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Golmaal Again’s box-office achievements hitherto have been nothing short of mind-boggling, and with the film still showing strong legs, not to mention immense repeat value, there’s no telling how many more feats it could add by the end of its lifetime run.

Image Source: Reliance

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