God of Death on the sets of Bedhab; DirectorAkash Goila shares his horror story


Akash Goila, who is currently gearing up for his upcoming film, Bedhab starring Sanjay Kapoor and debutant Aashish Sachdeva in lead roles along with Karishma Kotak as the leading lady, shared an intriguing post on his social media account revealing his horror story from the sets of the film.

Akash posted a picture of the God of Death from the film and wrote alongside, “The invisible deathly shadows are sometime for real, the horror begins when they are after your life too. God of Death haunting me on the set of Bedhab coming soon August 2019.”

If we look closely, it is Sanjay Kapoor who is the God of Death. The actor will be seen playing a triple role in Bedhab, a film that deals with the issue of smoking habits.

Known for making short films Dark Brew (2017), and 22 awards winner Dum Dum Dumroo (2018) with one award in Hollywood and London each, writer-director Akash Goila is all set for his grand digital film Bedhab. It has been entirely shot in Greece and is slated for August 2019 release.

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