Gauahar Khan lends her support to her make up artist’s Production venture


Gauahar Khan has always been extremely compassionate towards her team, and for someone who always stands by them, her gesture for her makeup artist was one to be applauded for.

Gauahar was in Delhi yesterday, however, she made sure to get back in time for the launch of her make up artist’s new production venture, that of an OTT platform. She was a part of the event yesterday, and launched the venture for him, ensuring to be a part of his big day.

For the uninitiated, Gauahar has been working with her make up artist for over a decade now, and having spent that amount of time working together, his big day meant a big day for her too.

Gauahar says, ” My team is most important to me ! It’s family ! And I will always want the world for them ! I’m so happy for his success !”

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