From Kapoor & Sons To Kapoor Vs. Sons


The cast and crew of the eagerly-awaited Kapoor & Sons recently partook in a bit of friendly competition by organizing a cricket match between shots. The entire unit was divided into two teams captained by Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan, who play the Kapoor sons in the forthcoming release. Going by the video, it sure seems that every set member got a much-needed break from their grueling schedule and had a field day (pun intended).

The actors even made their feelings for their costars’ cricketing skills and sportsmanship known. Fawad Khan was particularly interested in telling anyone who’d listen how Sidharth Malhotra was a perpetual spoilsport, and cheated whenever he got out. Rajat Kapoor discreetly admitted on camera how he had to cheat because he didn’t know how to play cricket. Sidharth also took great pleasure in teaching some of the foreign technicians the hook shot.

All in all, it looked like the whole cast and crew had a swell time and bonded really well. What a brilliant way for a film unit to take a break from their hectic shoots.

Image and Video Courtesy: Dharma Productions

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