“From being poor to going to jail, my experiences in life have made me a better actor”: Pankaj Tripathi

Bollywood Interview

Pankaj Tripathi is an actor par excellence. After making the stage his own, the versatile actor has made the camera fall in love with his craft with an array of characters that cover a range of genres from crime and drama to comedy, romance, and even horror. There’s literally nothing the man can’t do.

After another avant-garde performance in the recently released, critically acclaimed web series Mirzapur from Amazon Prime Video and Excel Entertainment, we met the actor to discuss how he manages to impeccably pull off such complex roles with effortless ease. To our surprise, Pankaj bhaiyaa (like we affectionately like to call him) cited his tumultuous life experiences rather than the honing of his acting skills as his main source of inspiration behind his performances.

“My experiences in life have taught me a lot and helped me become a better actor. I’ve been extremely poor and also went to jail as a student leader. I’ve lived in several places across the country and have interacted with all sorts of people from prolific VIPs to a UP dacoit. You could say that I’ve done it all. So, it’s these profound life lessons that I keep revisiting for my roles. Life is all about experiences, and acting is about experiencing the real to make it real. There’s nothing known as perfect acting. It’s all about portraying the emotions of the character as per the situation on screen, and that’s where I keep drawing from my life. That’s my way. It’s the only way that I find the easiest, but it’s also something others could find difficult.”

With such a captivating, topsy-turvy life that Pankaj Tripathi has hitherto lived, it’s no surprise that he keeps taking drawing inspiration from it to enrich his characters.

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