Four Mistakes In Baaghi We Bet You Didn T Notice


Baaghi, which released earlier this year, went on to be a superhit at the box-office, prompting the makers to announce a sequel to the film . It got a thumbs-up from the audience for its stupendous action scenes and peppy music, giving Tiger Shroff his second consecutive hit post his debut feature while also continuing Shraddha Kapoor’s winning streak at the box-office. However, the film did have its share of plot loopholes and continuity errors that may have gone unnoticed amidst its other entertaining factors. Let’s look at four errors in Baaghi that would have probably been overlooked by the untrained eye.


When Shraddha and Tiger meet for the first time, their train stops smack in the middle of the tracks. Both platforms are clearly at a distance from either doorway.

But in the next scene, Shraddha coolly steps onto a platform that magically appears adjacent to the doorway.

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Sunil Grover, who plays Shraddha’s dad, can be seen threatening Sudheer Babu’s henchmen in this scene.

But later, during a flashback sequence, we can see that the same men had met him when Sudheer Babu visited his house with a marriage proposal for his daughter.

When Sudheer Babu is about to shoot Tiger in a hospital in Bangkok, there’s no magazine in his pistol.

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While Tiger Shroff is dousing a man in petrol, the meter reading of the dispenser remains mysteriously stuck at zero.

Now the next time you watch Baaghi, wouldn’t it be fun to watch out for these bloopers in the film?

Images Source: Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

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