Five Tracks From Baahubali 2 That Have Us Simmering With Excitement


With the release date of Baahubali 2 drawing nearer, the excitement surrounding the film has reached a crescendo. And as the excitement builds, so does the curiosity around several burning questions about the film, involving some of its key characters. With our capacity to keep a lid on our curiosity levels being at an all-time low, we decided to go ahead and list five tracks from the Baahubali: The Conclusion that have us smacking our lips in glee at the prospective direction each of them could take.


1.) Amarendra Baahubali and Katappa

No query about an upcoming film has hitherto managed to grip the nation in such a fever-pitch state as this one has. From Katappa (Sathyaraj) betraying Baahubali (Prabhas) to Bhallala Deva (Rana Daggubati) tricking Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan) into ordering Katappa to execute Baahubali to Baahubali’s inter-caste marriage with the tribal warrior, Devasena (Anushka Shetty), provoking Katappa – the theories are endless. Hence, for all intents and purposes, we can’t wait to see this one reaching its conclusion.


2.) Sivudu and Katappa

Baahubali: The Beginning ended with Katappa revealing to Shivdu aka Mahendra Baahubali that he was responsible for his father’s death. We can’t wait to see how this’ll define the dynamics between their relationship in the second part, and how much would Baahubali Jr. be able to trust Katappa in his quest to regain his kingdom.

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3.) Bhallala Deva and Sivagami

There’s a scene in the trailer where Sivagami forebodingly utters the words, “Antar Yudh (Civil War)”, and you can’t help but wonder how a woman with her convictions and resolve could allow the kingdom to be plunged into such a malignant state? One clue in the trailer is Bhallala Deva’s smirk, and we’re wondering what sort of politics he could have set in motion to poison Sivagami against her beloved Baahubali?


4.) Sivagami and Devasena

One of the common theories about the film is that Baahubali’s marriage with Devasena, who doesn’t hail from a princely lineage, isn’t taken well by Sivagami. If this theory is true, then we’re dying to know what sort of friction could transpire between the two, especially considering how strong both are as individuals.

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5.) Baahubali, Devasena, and Bhallala Deva

The relationship between the trio is supposed to be the crux of all the issues plaguing the kingdom of Mahishmati, and as such, offers the most-tantalizing possibilities of how their interweaving stories might pan out in the sequel. It was already established in the first part that Bhallala Deva had desired Devasena’s hand in marriage, and had her manacled for 25 years after usurping the throne. The events leading to that point sure make for some interesting drama.

Oh…why can’t you arrive sooner, 28th April 2017?

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