Five shows to binge-watch on Amazon Prime Video this Diwali


As a smog-heavy winter descends, Amazon Prime marks the arrival of some of the hottest new upcoming shows premiering this November. With shows like Jack Ryan, Pete The Cat, The Kevin Bishop Show: Season 2, etc that have been applauded in the past, Amazon Prime now gears for fresh arrival this November. What could be as good as a hot brewing coffee, friends and an array of amazing content to binge on, this festive season? Here’s why we bring to you a customized calendar with a list of shows handpicked to ensure you don’t miss on anything.

  1. Homecoming Touted to be a thriller-drama, Julia Roberts is marking her digital debut with the much-anticipated series- Homecoming. It narrates the story of Heidi Bergman, a caseworker at the secret government facility who quits her job is haunted by her inhibitions and dilemma. Moving forward, when Bergman is confronted by a Department of Defense auditor asking for her reasons to quit the job, her answers are not in-sync with what anyone would have expected. Based on an original podcast by the same name, this maze-like story of Homecoming premieres on Amazon Prime.
  2.  The Gymkhana Files The much-awaited series, ‘The Gymkhana Files’ finally has a release date. A documentary divided into seasons showcasing the behind-the-scenes look at Ken Block’s Hoonigan team and the making of ‘GymkhanaTEN’, is all set to premiere this November 16 on home screens. The eight-episode series will feature untold stories and never-used footages from the previous nine Gymkhana videos. Two new episodes will premier each Friday, running through the finale on December 7.
  3.  Sneaky Pete Sneaky Pete, the series created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, is heading into its third season and is all set to arrive on Amazon Prime this November. The much-loved American crime-drama narrates a story of Marius, a conman released from prison who decides to steal the identity of his cell-mate Pete to avoid paying back a gangster he robbed in the past. The third season will take you through the unexpected twists and turns and startling realities you would ever want to miss.
  4.  Patriot After flooring with its impeccable storyline and star-cast, the Patriot Season 2 is finally ready to stream on Amazon Prime this November. Investigative agents going undercover to solve problems of the State has always topped our preference list. And to make it even more interesting, the makers of the show have tweaked it a little by constructing the premise of comedy-drama The Patriot. The series has now been scheduled for the third chapter and is sure to surprise you for its amazing elements of exclusivity.
  5.  Inside Jokes The debut season of Inside Jokes lands in the last week of November, featuring a fresh palette of comedians in New York and Los Angeles as they compete to be selected for the New Faces Showcase. This Prime Original is a six-episode series and is presented in collaboration with the Montreal Just for Laughs festival. Inside Jokes is a perfect holiday getaway with a series of tummy-tickling contents arriving this fall. With an array of such interesting shows coming your way and on your home-screens too, we are sure that this November shall set you on an ideal vacay-mode.

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