Fatafat (short film) review: Refreshing, lighthearted take on our busy lifestyles

Bollywood Review

Short film Fatafat is a sweet, refreshing take on today’s demands and hustles while also serving as a lighthearted reflection of how our minds can play tricks on us as when said demands and hustles begin to wear us down.

Divyendu Sharma, playing a call-center employee in need of a major boost both in his job and personal life, effortlessly portrays the helplessness of his character, bringing much-needed mirth to the part. On the other hand, Director Parijat Joshi and writer Tarun Dudeja gel well to present a contemporary tale with moments of restrained fun.

At just 20 minutes long, Fatafat gets the message across on point albeit with subtlety while keeping a smile constantly plastered across your visage.

Movified Rating: 4/5 stars

Fatafat is produced by Versova Hustler, and premieres on Zee5 on 1st April 2019.

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