7 Fashion Accessories From Munna Michael You Need To Get Your Hands On

Bollywood Fashion

The trailer of Munna Michael has been one of the most-awaited trailers on 2017 considering that the movie stars the heartthrob of Bollywood, Tiger Shroff opposite a fresh face, Nidhhi Agerwal who’s got quite some dance moves to flaunt. Tiger Shroff is not only a great action hero but he also happens to be a passionate dancer and hence, the actor fit perfectly for paying a tribute to the legendary Michael Jackson through a Bollywood movie.

Well, the trailer has been released and we absolutely loved it. Especially because apart from an interesting storyline, promising characters, nail-biting action sequence and flawless dance performances, the stars of the movie have made multiple style statements that we cannot wait to steal. Here’s a list –

From Nidhhi Agerwal’s Wardrobe

1.       Silver Oxidised earrings

Silver oxidised earrings have never gone out of fashion, they are and will always remain a fashionista’s first love! Why? Because this piece of accessory goes well with every outfit. Whether it is a sundress, a kurta, a saree, a crop top paired with jeans, Silver Oxidised earrings will always catch everyone’s attention with fail.


2.       Transparent Shrug

Rarely have we seen an actress sporting a transparent shrug onscreen, so we guess Nidhhi Agerwal is setting trends with her very first movie itself. In our opinion, this transparent shrug is undoubtedly a hit and would go with all your crop tops and racerbacks or you could go Nidhhi’s way and pair it with a denim crop.


3.       Tassel choker

We’ve already told you how the 90s trend of Chokers is back in fashion and looks like it’s here to stay because the more movies we watch and the more celebrity spotting we do, we see more varied styles of chokers. In Munna Michael, Nidhhi is spotted wearing tassel choker which according to us, looks quite trendy.


4.       Pink Crop Top

It’s been more than 2 years since crop tops found their way back to one of the most-popular fashion trends and we still cannot get over how cute they look! In the trailer, Nidhhi has worn a pink sports crop top with stylish spaghetti cross straps. These crop tops are perfect for women who love flaunting their curves and especially for dancers who seek comfort.


From Tiger Shroff’s Wardrobe

5.       Aviators

It’s not news that Tiger Shroff’s taste in fashion is extremely classy. In the very first frame of Munna’s introduction, Tiger Shroff is seen sporting extremely cool pentagon aviators that are definitely make for a hip and happening fashion trend. Previously, we’ve spotted SRK in a similar piece, only difference being; they were hexagon aviators.


6.       A Black Hat

The legend that Michael Jackson was, his signature style of wearing a black hat became one of the classiest fashion accessories. Considering that the movie is a tribute to Michael Jackson, and Munna happens to be the biggest fan of the legendary star, Tiger Shroff has chosen to wear the black hat throughout the movie. In most of the scenes from the trailer, you’d spot him wearing this uber-cool hat.


7.       The White Graphic hoodie

Hoodies are one of the coolest clothing accessory for men and it is one of our favourite choices for a casual outfit. Tiger Shroff is sporting a white graphic sleeveless hoodie in the trailer which we think is the best option for a summer style. Infact, for all those who don’t own a hoodie yet, we’d suggest that you hit the mall right now!


These fashion trends instantly caught our eye and you know how much we love when stars make a statement through their movies. Trust us when we say that these accessories would make you look like the king and queen of fashion, so try them out and thank us later!

Image Credits: NGF / Eros Int.






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