Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is M and How do you us it?

Stands for Movify which means that you liked that post and wanted to share it with your followers.

2. How to select one/multiple languages?
You can select or multiple languages in a single step:
  • Go to Create Feed page, click on the language you want to select and that becomes your default language
  • Click on multiple languages to make multiple selections
  • You can click on 'Clear Section' at any point to remove the selection and see everything
3. How to create a Fan club?
  • Go to your profile and click on 'create a fan club'
  • Add the information and pictures of your star and you're fan club is created
  • Invite your followers to join you and start posting!
4. Can I create a movie fan club?

No, currently you can only create fan clubs for artists. For all the info on movies, follow the official Movified movie pages.

5. What is my Favorite star or movie is not listed?

Sorry if we have missed out on listing your favorite star. You can click on 'Suggest a celeb' or 'List a movie' and we will add it right away.

6. How to create my Feed?

Your feed comprises of the all the updates from your favorite artists, movies, fan clubs and the people you follow. You can go to the 'Modify Feed' page create your edit your feed

7. How to rate a Movie?

Go to the movie page and click on the rating that you want to give. You can also write comments if you want to.

8. How to change my password?

Put the link here and steps

9. Can I embed a video?

Yes, just paste the link on your status bar and the video will be embedded.

10. I have some information/News that I want to share or submit?

Send it us at contact [@] with your profile link and we will publish the news after going through the regular process of verifying.

11. What are the Suggestions in the feed basis?

The suggestions are based on your current followings as well as the pages with most activity