Factors Which Make ‘Sethupathi’ Tick



Sethupathi is being unanimously raved about by all who have seen it since its release. The film is touted to become a major success at the box-office, thanks also to the tax-free status accorded to it. Here, we list out some factors which make this Arun Kumar film as good as it is.

Vijay Sethupathi looks very apt both as the cop and as the intimate family man. His twirled mustache is a majestic add-on and his generally bulky physique fits well into the khaki uniform. His properly matched shades complete the smart police look. Enough has been said about his performing skills and Sethupathi gives him enough moments to show his intense face, subtle humor and also bring out the action moves.

The Vijay Sethupathi – Remya Nambeesan chemistry sparkles yet again after Pizza, and they look so authentic as a husband – wife duo who have their share of tiffs but are absolutely in love with each other. The ‘Konji Pesida Vendaam’ song is interestingly filmed over a video call, when they sort out a minor argument in a romantic way. Remya’s expressive eyes and homely avatar endear her to the viewers, big time.

The two kids get their moments too. While the little girl is mostly used to bring out some cute ‘aww’ moments, the boy gets a memorable scene with the baddies when his dad instructs him over the phone on how to use his gun to scare them away. This scene is sure to get the whistles and hoots in the cinema hall. Lead villain Vela Ramamoorthy and some of the other support characters keep the film’s acting standard at a good level.

Director Arun Kumar shows good versatility in his second film and has the sensibilities for charming family moments, investigative intelligence, humor as well as the typical mass moments. After a quality Pannaiyarum Padminiyum, he makes sure that the level hasn’t dipped in his second film, while at the same time ensuring that commercial success would also knock at his doorsteps this time.

Composer Nivas Prasanna delivers good melodies, with the ‘Mazhai Thooralam’ number being a great tribute to our dutiful cops. He also adds to the cop’s screen presence with the ‘Hey Mama’ song and some pulsating re-recording. Technically, Sethupathi is very taut and without needless fillers. At 2 hours, it is a packed affair thanks to the scissors of ace editor Sreekar Prasad and director Arun’s focus.


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