EXCLUSIVE PICS: Gauri Khan gives us a look into the newly opened ‘Sancho’s, a Mexican restaurant designed by her

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After designing Arth in both Mumbai and Pune, Sancho’s is Gauri Khan’s third restaurant project. The designer is known for her eclectic taste in transforming spaces and has been making waves with her designs across residential and commercial projects. Gauri who is an avid traveler, gets a lot of her inspiration from her travels. Talking about the inspiration for her latest project, Sancho’s, Gauri Khan said, “Mexico for me is all about the sun, the beaches, something extremely close to nature. I’ve used a lot of Aztec prints on the carpet to retain the flavor of the beautiful country. I wanted something open, something that breathes life hence I’ve designed the space more unlocked and spread out”. Gauri Khan also recently designed Sidharth Malhotra’s Bandra bachelor pad and was in news for being Fortune India’s list of 50 most influential women in business in 2018 Sancho’s is located in Bandra and is open to public now.

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