Doordarshan To Revive Legendary Tv Shows Like Hum Log And Malgudi Days


A decade and a half ago, we were introduced to the concept of saas-bahu shows, and in no time those became a rage. While the discerning audience clucked in disbelief at the poor content of those shows, TRPs increased and more such shows popped up.

But the formula that worked like a charm 15 years ago, has now become redundant and stale. And sadly, the TV channels have not put in much effort to bring forth good content and prime time is swamped with the likes of ‘Naagins’ and ‘Sasurals’. More often than not, we find ourselves reminiscing about the good ol’ days and the shows we grew up watching.

Recently, Doordarshan started airing Shah Rukh Khan starrer Circus again, and everyone was quite thrilled about watching the show. And now, according to reports, DD is planning to bring back some of their most celebrated shows; and honestly, we couldn’t be more excited.

Here is the list of shows which DD is planning to air again

1) Malgudi Days

The simple unassuming stories of Swami and his friends were a delight to watch, and we can’t wait to share the joys of Malgudi Days with our own kids.

2)  Wagle Ki Duniya

The story of a quintessential common man, Wagle Ki Duniya was a light-hearted show which was perfect to unwind after a long strenuous day.  And, the show also had a guest appearance by none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

3) Hum Log

The first ever soap opera of Indian Television, Hum Log, was the story of a typical joint family. But unlike the shows today, this one was a middle class family facing the struggles which are akin to a common man. The chronicles of Badki, Chutki and Nanhe, were an important part of our formative years.

4) Buniyaad

For today’s generation, partition is a part of history which their grandparents witnessed, and have no idea about the real impact of what had actually transpired. Even though Buniyaad has been aired multiple times, reruns of this show will provide a show which will be a great watch for the entire family, and will help generations bond like never before.

Image Credits – Doordarshan


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