Director Shankar describes magnum opus 2.0 starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar which he describes as a sci-fi social

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The director, who deals with the concept of “Fifth Force” in the film, reveals that there are many surprises for the audience to look forward to. On sharing about his biggest challenge in 2.0, director Shankar says, “Bringing my imagination to celluloid. It required craftsmanship, technology and dedication. Every shot was reviewed a hundred times at different stages, from the art work and CGI to previsualisation and VFX. It was a tedious process but then, every element was difficult to execute. Also, the budget was significantly higher so convincing the producers initially was difficult.” Talking about working with Akshay Kumar, he says, ” I’m amazed by his discipline and commitment. He spent three-four hours every day on prosthetics and another couple of hours to remove the make-up. He’s not just the antagonist, his role has many shades which makes it interesting.” The Hindi version of the film will be presented by Karan Johar. Robot 2.0, produced by Subaskaran and Lyca Productions, will release across India on November 29 in 3D & 2D.

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