Director opens up about Vijay Sethpathi’s nude scene


Ranjit Jeyakodi recently made his directorial debut with Puriyatha Putir, which starred Vijay Sethupathi, Gayathrie, Ramesh Thilak, Arjunan, and Mahima Nambiar. The film may have not been as well received as some of Sethupathi’s recent releases, but almost every critic and audience member was unanimous in their praise of the actor’s performance. And Director Jeyakodi now adds further credence to how Sethupathi had immersed himself in his character, Kathir, with his recent revelation of how the actor went nude for a scene in the movie because of how imperative it was to the script.

Speaking to a popular Tamil website, Jeyakodi shocked everyone when he opened up about how Vijay Sethupathi’s stood almost nude for a scene in Puriyatha Putir, which had to be shot atop a bridge amidst heavy rainfall. The scene needed a heavy rain effect, and would look more convincing only if the actor would do it in the nude.

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Obviously, the debutant Director was nervous while conveying his intentions to a star of the stature of Sethupathi, but he was put completely at ease with the latter’s willingness the moment he heard how crucial his being nude to the scene was. Sethupathi even told Jeyakodi that it would be true heroism because the scene needed him to be nude, and he ended up shooting for the entire rain sequence in nothing more than 10% clothing, which barely concealed his modesty.

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Now that’s called dedication and honesty to your craft. It’s no wonder that Vijay Sethupathi has risen so soon in the ranks of Kollywood.

Image Source: Rebel Studio