Diehard Hrithik Roshan fan gets a haircut of the superstar’s Super 30 look


Lately, Hrithik Roshan has been creating a huge buzz for his film, Super 30. With Hrithik’s brilliant performance, the fans just cannot contain their excitement as his movie is been appreciated not only by industry peers and Anand Kumar himself whose story was relived by the actor but also by our country’s Vice President Venkaiah Naidu himself. And with Super 30, the fan frenzy is super real where the fans are going leaps and bounds to show their love for their favorite star.

To top it all, a die-hard fan went a step ahead of everyone to appreciate the actor’s work in the movie by getting a haircut of Superstar’s look. In a unique show of love, a portrait of Hrithik is what can be seen at the back of the person’s head and it sure is wat beyond all the frenzy that we had seen until now.

It can be seen in the video below that the fan just got the best haircut styled with his face which can be considered the best recreation of his jaw-dropping looks and a chiseled face.

The looks have been recreated from the poster of the actor’s Superhit ‘Super 30’ which has become a box-office hit with its inspirational story about the Mathematician Anand Kumar whose role has been reprised by the actor with perfection.

The actor has delivered a stellar performance with his impactful dialogues backed with the soulful characterisation of Anand Kumar. The film’s remarkable content is an inspiration for students to work hard in their lives to come out with flying colors and flourish with a successful career.

Hrithik Roshan is basking in the glory of Super 30 as the film is not only doing great at the box-office, but has become tax-free in some major states of India, adding more accolades to its name.

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