Did you know that Shah Rukh Khan had once told Kajol to learn acting

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Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s onscreen pairing is the stuff cinematic is lore is made of. Arguably, the most romantic onscreen couple in all of cinema (yes, Indian and international), the two have done seven films together so far, and each one of them have not only proved successful at the box-office, but have also gone on to form a special place in the hearts of audiences, cutting across age and cultural demographics.

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One of the main factors that make the SRK-Kajol jodi so loved is very because of their chemistry, which though sizzling is also as natural as could be, giving us new and dreamy romantic goals each time. So much so, that several couples since the 90s have aspired to emulate their onscreen romance in real life. And part of the reason why they look and feel so good together in the films they do is because both are such wonderful actors, capable of easing into any role, and effortlessly feed off each other’s dramatic chops.

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However, you’d be shocked to know that Shah Rukh had once told his famous costar to learn acting. Rubbing your eyes in disbelief? Well, Kajol herself recalled the incident that had occurred during the shoot of their evergreen classic, Baazigar, when the legendary actress had admitted to King Khan that she was feeling exhausted on account of shooting back-to-back intense films, to which SRK had replied that it’s a good thing she was feeling that way since it meant that she was growing as an actor, while also adding that she’s naturally a good actor, who should make an effort to seriously learn the craft and hone her skills.

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SRK could be so candid with Kajol because along with forming an iconic celluloid pair, they’re also great friends in real life, having struck a beautiful camaraderie from the early days of shooting Baazigar, their first film together). Plus, Kajol’s honesty and ability to take a dog at herself are such that she’s repeatedly admitted to being a “lazy actor”. Though her versatility is there for all to see, she has time and again confessed that it’s her talent and spontaneity that have helped her come this far, and she has seldom ever put in extra effort or researched for a role. Well that only makes us marvel at her skill even more.

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Such onscreen pairs whose bond transcends the realm of cinema are difficult to come by in the industry, and we hope to see the SRK-Kajol jodi in many memorable films in years to come.

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