Did You Know About The Bhojpuri Baahubali That Existed Before S.S. Rajamouli’sS Baahubali


Baahubali 2 has become the blockbuster in the history of Indian cinema within days of its release, and is well on its way to set records that could well remain unchallenged for years. Both the critics and audience have almost universally showered the film with love, and it has even taken the overseas box-office by storm. But, while one Baahubali 2 has received some much adulation, there’s another one that has remained obscure to most of the audience, and, surprisingly, even the media.

We’re talking about a little-known Bhopuri film known as Betwa Bahubali 2, which released on 21st April 2017, a week prior to S.S. Rajamouli’s magnum-opus. The plot is in no way related to the Prabhas-Rana Daggubati starrer, and the movie is filled to the brim with trashy scenes and cringe-worthy dialogues, which are so bad that they’re not just funny, but downright, side-splittingly hilarious. Watch the trailer below:


And in case y’all are thinking that this was a desperate attempt on the part of the filmmakers to cash in on the Baahubali craze in their indigenous market, let’s clarify that the film is actually a sequel to another little-known, it’s-so-bad-it’s-good Bhojpuri gem called…you guessed it right… Betwa Bahubali, which had released back in 2008, seven years prior to Baahubali: The Beginning.

Wow…talk about coincidences with polarizing results.

Image and Video Sources: Arka and Venus Regional

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