Defamation case slapped against makers of Loveratri for hurting Hindu sentiments

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The makers of Loveratri find themselves in deep trouble as one Ajaykumar Waghmare, an advocate, has filed a petition in the Aurangabad Bench of the High Court against the film and its makers for hurting Hindu sentiments, maligning the sanctity of the festival of Navratri, highlighting it in a debauched manner, and projecting Hindu women in bad light. Read his entire petition below:

“The film, Loveratri, which is being released in and around the period of Navratri, is obviously sacrilegious in its intention.The title of the film intentionally affects the standing of Hindus, and the makers have used said title purely for monetary gain. Besides this, the title also perverts the festival of Navratri into a festival full of lewdness and amorousness and projects Hindu women in a derogatory manner”

Waghmare has made a list of demands in his petition, among which include an unconditional apology and deleting the title and certain scenes he finds objectionable to the Hindu festival and Hindu women.

“I seek that the title, Loveratri, be dropped along with certain objectionable scenes from the film, as it’s nothing but an attempt to malign and project a Hindu festival and Hindu women in bad light. The makers of the film also need to tender an unconditional apology for hurting Hindu and women’s sentiments.”

This comes after the Vishnu Hindu Parishad (VHP) announced that they wouldn’t allow the film to release for similar reasons. We can’t even begin to fathom how these people imagine so much about a film prior to its release, and also how their sentiments are so easily hurt in the name of religion – a completely personal topic. Moreover, we aren’t sure when was the last time they visited a dandiya event during Navratri, but most youngsters attend such events for the purpose of hooking up.

The makers are yet to respond to Waghmare’s petition and the VHP’s threats. We sincerely hope they don’t cow down to them.

Loveratri is set against the backdrop of Navratri and marks the debut of Salman Khan’s brother-in-law, Aayush Sharma, and Warina Hussain. Produced by Salman Khan Films and directed by Abhiraj Minawala, it’s slated to release on 5ht October 2018.

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