Deepika Padukone tickes all boxes last week


Bollywood’s Leading Lady Deepika Padukone has had an eventful last week as the actress unveiled her prestigious Statue of Purpose at Madame Tussauds and graced the Vogue International cover as the Global Talent. Both the events are key and major highlights in the life of the actress.

The actress who has been an active voice in creating awareness about mental health has dedicated the Statue to her initiative, hence it is named as Statue of Purpose. When Deepika Padukone went Live from London as she unveiled the statue and gave the first ever look of it sending the fans in a tizzy.

Deepika Padukone dedicated her statue to her foundation and believes as she stands for her foundation, her statue too will communicate the same. The actress does not consider statue as a vanity as assures it stands for a purpose just like her.

The Vogue International cover for the month of April celebrates the global talent with 14 superstars from the 14 countries and Deepika Padukone graced the cover along with Scarlett Johansson the biggest star from U.S. and Bae Doona the biggest star from South Korea

The Queen of box office and currently the numero uno actress in Bollywood is not just loved and admired in India but also has her global imprints. Owing to the unfathomable fan base of the actress around the world, the Statue of Purpose features Deepika in the elegant and graceful Cannes look. Achieving one feat after another, Deepika Padukone is presently the indisputable queen of box office, with numerous films of 100-crore and 200-crore clubs.

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