Dangal Is A Much Better Film Than Sultan Declares Salman Khan S Family


Ever since Sultan and Dangal were announced, there was constant comparison between the films as both were based on wrestling. Even when the trailer of Dangal was released, many said that Dangal was too similar to Sultan, which incidentally is the only blockbuster of 2016.

However, Aamir clarified that there was no similarity. Infact, in a recent press meet, he said that when the films were announced, he had called Aditya Chopra to clarify if there could be a clash of interests. But, they mutually agreed that the films are very different because Sultan is a love story and Dangal is based on father – daughter relationship.

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But, as they say, proof lies in the pudding. Aamir Khan held a special screening of Dangal for Salman’s family yesterday, and here is what they had to say about the film.

Well, we must say it takes a Dabangg like Salman Khan to write such honest praise for his competitors.

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