Daisy Shah welcomes Lizzy, the newest member of her family


Daisy Shah’s newest family member is all things love!
Daisy Shah who already has a pet chihuahua name Blessy recently adopted a little kitten. As the actress stepped out to take her dog for a grooming session recently, she came across a homeless 3 month old kitten at the salon. Daisy being an animal lover couldn’t refrain herself from adopting the little kitten. The actress who never had a pet cat earlier ensured to get all the instructions right before she took the little one home.

Daisy named her newest member of the family ‘Lizzy’ who is all hearts, Literally. The little kitten has heart shape across her fur and it’s too cute to be missed. The two little muchikins, Blessy and Lizzy are having a Pawsome time together.

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