Creed II movie review: Creed, Rocky, and Drago make for a boxing spectacle

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Creed II may be quite predictable in places, but is still as dramatic, powerful, emotional, and entertaining as a boxing film should be, especially one that belongs to the Rocky franchise. Though not as great as it’s predecessor — which is, frankly, a boxing classic — this one is still a worthy inclusion to Rocky’s rich legacy while also firmly handing over the reins of the franchise from Sylvester Stallone to Michael B. Jordan, who carries the film with a intense performance.

Make no mistake, Sly still has enough to do here, just don’t expect him to get another Oscar nomination like he has for the previous entry. Plus, it’s also refreshing to see another action icon, Dolph Lundgren, reprise his role from Rocky IV, and the boxing choreography, coupled with the sound effects during matches, are some of the best ever witnessed on film.

To sum it up, Creed II makes a good addition to the Rocky series while also standing on its own as a solid sports film.

Movified Rating: 3.5/5

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