Chiyaan Vikram Issues Stern Statement For Jallikattu


From the time Jallikattu protest picked up steam, with everyone from students to working professionals to businessmen to senior citizens openly gathering in public against PETA and the Supreme Court’s ban on their beloved traditional sport, several celebrities, too, have shown their solidarity for the bull-taming sport. A short while ago, Ilaya Thalapathy Vijay shared a powerful video online supporting Jallikattu, Suriya issued a statement in support, and Thala Ajith is set to attend one of the protests, soon.

And now, another huge moviestar, Chiyaan Vikram, has come out in strong support for Jallikattu and the burgeoning protests. Without mincing words, Vikram spoke about how the sport needs to be brought back and that the protests would certainly emerge victorious.

“The traditional sport needs to brought back. There’s no doubt that these protests will lead to victory.”

We wholeheartedly agree with you Vikram.

Image Source: PVP Cinema

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