“Censor board removed my close up, calling it sensuous”: shares legendary actresses Waheeda Rehman on Super Dancer Chapter 3


Sony Entertainment Television’s kids dance reality show Super Dancer Chapter 3 has been highly popular amongst its audience since inception due to its unique concept and the immense dance talent that the kids possess. Full of energy and style, they never fail to surprise the audiences with their groves and moves which makes watching them every weekend even more interesting.

An added element on the show are various well-known celebrities from the Bollywood industry who blend in and are marvelled with the talent every contestant possesses. This weekend, viewers will see veteran actresses Waheeda Rehman and Asha Parekh motivating the kids and dance their way through memory lane.

Talking about, ‘nostalgia’, during the show, Waheeda Rehman revealed some very interesting stories and events from her time keeping the excitement levels of her fans high. She went on to say that the song, ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand Ho’ was shot twice, first in monochrome and then in colour. When the shoot was completed in colour, there was a particular close up shot of hers which was removed by the censor board on the reasoning that it looked extremely sensuous. It was a very big deal around that time.

A source from the show reveals, “It was interesting to hear from Waheeda ji on how the censor board functioned in those times. Had they come across scenes from this era, they would have zonked out. The scenes in today’s movies are highly sensuous but are accepted by the audiences considering the viewers are more progressive in nature. The upcoming episode is really going to be an interesting watch”

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