Bollywood Stars Who Worked For Free In Movies

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Many of us have been guilty of envying the truckloads of money that Bollywood actors earn, especially the stars. Some of us have absurdly begrudged them for their earnings, having even ludicrously questioned or trolled them on social media for the money they earn, assuming that they’re vastly overpaid for the work they do, without having the faintest idea of their actual work or how the economics of cinema function or how movies aren’t the only avenues of their revenue. But what you read next will make you see some of them in a totally different light and help you realize that many of Bollywood’s biggest stars value friendships, ethics, and morals way more than fat paycheck, which they can anyways make from multiple sources outside their fraternity.

Here’s presenting ten Bollywood stars who did cameos and, at times, entire roles for free:


 1.) Shah Rukh Khan 

SRK, who’s the second-richest actor in the world, did not charge a dime for his cameos in Bhoothnaath and Bhoothnaath Returns.


2.) Salman Khan


Image Source: Red Chillies

Salman, who’s currently India’s highest-paid actor, gladly shook a leg in the song Deewangi Deewangi in Om Shanti Om for free.


 3.) Kareena Kapoor Khan 

Kareena refused the paychecks that Salman and SRK offered her for her item numbers Marjaani and Fevicol Se in their movies, Billi Barber and Dabangg 2, in spite of their insistence, since she considers them dear friends and her senior and couldn’t bring herself to accept money from them for such little work.


 4.) Priyanka Chopra 

Image Source: Red Chillies

Priyanka, too, had an item number called You Get Me Rocking and Reeling in Billu Barber, which she did at no cost as a gift to SRK.


 5.) Deepika Padukone 

Image Source: Red Chillies

Deepika was so grateful for being launched opposite none other than SRK, that she refused a dime from him for her leading role in Om Shanti Om.


 6.) Katrina Kaif 

Image Source: Dharma

Kat grooved to Chikni Chameli in Agneepath as a friendly gesture to Karan Johar. Since she didn’t budge from her stance of refusing payment for the item number, KJo gifted her a Ferrari later.


 7.) Sonam Kapoor 

Sonam charged nothing more than a token fee of Rs. 11 for her small role in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, and she even extensively promoted the film.


 8.) Shahid Kapoor 

Image Source: VB

So floored was Shahid by the role that Director Vishal Vhardwaj offered him in Haider, that he didn’t charge a penny for the movie, which also worked in reducing its budget and giving him a rare hit. Smart move, right?


 9.) Rani Mukerji 

Image Source: Dharma

KJo considers Rani Mukerji his lucky mascot, and, as such, played her cameo in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham for free.


10.) Sonakshi Sinha

Since SOnakshi has worked in a lot of films with Akshay Kumar, she readily offered to do two item numbers in his production, Boss, sans any remunerations.


Guess ,the film industry has more goodwill, solidarity, and kindness than many other industries that aren’t perpetually scrutinized under the scanner.






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