Bollywood Sequels That Should Never Have Been Made


Earlier, we had brought you a list of some truly great sequels in Bollywood – films that not only retained the essence of the original, but also matched them for quality and entertainment value. However, such sequels are few and far between, and most of the time, Bollywood comes up with sequels that completely obliterate the fond memories of the first or second installments. Let’s check out those sequels, which served no other purpose other than tarnishing the memory of the originals.


Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara

The first was a classic gangster flick, filled with action, shady deals, double-crosses, and memorable dialogues. The second one was about a gangster reciting shayari while squabbling over the affections of a lady with one of his minions. Need we say more?

Great Grand Masti

The franchise, whose blend of vulgar gags and low-brow jokes wasn’t that funny to begin with, completely ran out of steam by the time the third entry rolled in. A case could be made that piracy affected it badly, but we’re not too sure that it would have fared that well even without the online leak.

Raaz Reboot

None of the Raaz sequels ever matched up to the chilling effect of the original, but they at least were entertaining enough to stand on their own. The fourth installment has officially rand the death knell for the franchise along with continuing Emraan Hashmi’s prolonged critical and commercial slump.

Ragini MMS 2

When you add Sunny Leone and lesbian love-making (no offense to either Leone or lesbian love; this is more a scathing remark on the makers’ intentions) to the sequel of one of best-received horror films of recent times, it should be clear that the makers are interested in anything but scaring the audience.

Bheja Fry 2

From a uniquely fresh, immensely quirky, and thoroughly enjoyable first part to a wholly confused and borderline juvenile second part – this series certainly hit rock bottom with its second entry.

Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

Another classic case of a fast cash-grab that completely spoiled the nostalgia of the first part; only this time, the cash grab, too, was unsuccessful. When you make an orangutan dance to Sheila Ki Jawani, you should know beforehand that not many are going to embrace your product.

Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3

In the much of sex comedies, the Kya Kool Hain Hum movies always stood out for putting the comedy before the sex. Alas, they too feel into the sleaze trap and took the crass route by the time the third part rolled in. Result: No takers and a closure on a once perfectly enjoyable franchise.

Double Dhamaal

Dhamaal, though a rip of three different Hollywood films, was smartly adapted for Indian tastes, and hit all the right notes in terms of its gags, jokes, and slapstick. The second part was based on an original script, and everything went downhill after that. Guess the makers couldn’t handle an original story as well as an “inspired” one.

Rock On 2

The latest entry to the list of unnecessary sequels. While Rock On was all about the band, their bond, and their highs and lows, the sequel was about the band members whining over life’s issues on and on. Even, the music sucked, which is a travesty for a rock-based film.

Dear producers, please stop mutilating our memories.

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