Bollywood Actors Who Stay Fit With Alternative Methods Outside The Gym


While fitness is essential to stay healthy and lead a hassle-free life, the road to stay fit can get long, tedious, arduous, and pretty time-consuming, especially in today’s hectic times. Plus, there’s no denying that visiting the gym day in and day out, and going through the same cycle from Monday to Saturday can become pretty mundane after a while. Thankfully, there are alternative, exciting, and fun way to achieve and maintain our fittest forms as testified by these Bollywood actors who boast killer bods but never step foot in a gymnasium:


1.) Richa Chadha

With someone having as hectic a schedule as Richa’s, you would wonder how she stays fit. Well, the answer is cycling. Our Fukrey girl has often voiced her love for cycling and tries to accommodate it in her daily schedule, trying not to miss her sessions as much as she can.


2.) Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline is the mayor of pole dancing town in Bollywood, having inspired many of her peers to take up this interesting activity as a form of fitness. And if her Instagram posts are anything to go by, she used the dance form to great effect to maintain that sizzling body of hers.


3.) Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam is another actress who has taken to the pole to remain fit. She recently shared a video of herself hanging from the pole and has been thoroughly enjoying her sessions with her instructor.


4.) Vidyut Jammwal

Vidyut is a trained martial artist, who uses his extreme skill-set to perform all his own stunts in his movies. He’s an expert in Kalaripayattu and has mastered other forms like Wing Chun, too.


5.) Tiger Shroff

Another actor in Vidyut’s mold, Tiger has trained in several forms of martial arts and gymnastics, which he uses to jaw-dropping effect in his movies. He has learned Kalaripayattu, Krav Maga, Taekwondo, and Silat, and has trained rigorously to perfect these art forms.


6.) Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi is an excellent belly dancer. She regularly practices it, and tries her level best to never miss a session despite being on the road most of the time. Her fitness regime courtesy her belly dancing routine is at an all-time high. Add to that her new-found interest in football, and it isn’t hard to imagine why Nora looks as good as she does.


So, if you, too, wish to stay fit sans the monotonous workouts of your gym, then there are tons of activities out there to keep healthy and achieve that smashing anatomy.

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