Bharat review: Emotional rollercoaster, headlined by Salman Khan’s best performance to date

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Bharat brings back Director Ali Abbas Zafar and superstar Salman Khan for a third outing, one that’s certainly more emotionally charged than their earlier two films, Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai — both immensely enjoyable features. And while Bharat may lack a tad in the entertainment section, it’s filled with moments that stay with you and scenes guaranteed to open your tear ducts.

Some sequences in the film really stand out, with the Arabian-mining and ‘Mere Apne’ TV show segments being the highlights. These parts alone are worth a trip to the theater as are Salman and Katrina Kaif’s performances. The former pitches in hitherto his best, even better than the one in Bajrangi Bhaijaan — nobody will be able to point a finger on Salman’s acting credibility with a straight face after watching Bharat — while the latter keeps improving by leaps and bounds.

What prevents the film from being as good as Zafar’s two erstwhile collaborations with his star headliner are a few slow portions, which impede the pace, some up-and-down narration in the second half, and a couple of silly bits that come across as cartoonish in what is otherwise a fairly serious film that rides high on emotional content.

Bharat should’ve also been about 20 mins less as the film’s high point comes 20 minutes or so before its denouement, and could’ve easily been ended there. Kudos to Zafar though for adapting it very well to an Indian milieu, only retaining the essence of Ode to My Father (I’ve seen that film), and completely bringing his creativity to the fore.

All in all, Bharat is a pretty good film, with many touching moments. The single-screen audience may feel a tad don’t disappointed by the lack of “Bhai moments”, but everyone will unanimously applaud his career-best performance bar none.

Movified Rating: 3.5/5

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