Baby 2 And Crack To Arrive Soon, Confirms Director Neeraj Pandey


Baby, which had released in 2015, was by far one of Bollywood’s best action thrillers, and the characters and plot-line were set up in a way that made them ripe for a sequel. We did get Naam Shabana this year, but that was merely a spinoff based on Taapsee Pannu’s character. There have been talks of Baby 2 for some time, but nothing concrete has emerged; that is till now.

During a recent conversation with Neeraj Pandey, the Director of Baby, on his future projects, we broached the subject of Baby 2, and he wasted no time in confirming that the sequel is indeed on. Clarifying that the next film in the franchise will be a full-fledged sequel to Baby and not a spinoff, Pandey also stated that the film will probably release in 2019. He added that there’s a possibility though that he might not direct it.

“We’ll, hopefully, come out with another film from the Baby franchise in 2019. It’ll be a sequel and not a spin off. I don’t know if I’ll be directing the sequel, but it’s definitely happening. We will take the directorial call closer to the shooting schedule.”

Elaborating why the film got delayed, Pandey added:

“Sometimes, your schedules don’t work out. There are so many factors that have to come together for a film to get made. For this one, the slot in which it was supposed to go on floors didn’t work out. When we had the dates, I got busy with Aiyaari. So, the schedules could not work out back then, but right now, we’re working toward getting a common schedule.”

While on the topic of his future projects, Pandey also confirmed that the much-in-news but slightly delayed Crack – another action-thriller that he’s collaborating on with Akshay Kumar – will be going on floors next year.

“We are still working on the schedule for Crack but I can assure you that it’ll not going on floors this November as has been reported in some sections of the media. I’ll be wrapping the schedule of Aiyaari by September or October, so, technically, it won’t be possible for me to jump to another film so soon. We’re working out the schedule and I expect to go on floors with the film next year.”

Crack was initially supposed to release during the Independence Day weekend, after which it kept getting pushed back due to the logistics required for the film to take off not working out. Fingers crossed that Pandey’s new plan for the film works out because the first-look poster had caught everyone’s interest and a new film from the Akshay-Pandey combo is always a good thing.

Image Sources: Friday Filmworks

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