Ayushmann Khurrana’s Article 15 sees another good jump at the box-office over its second weekend

Bollywood Box-Office

Ayushmann Khurrana’ s Article 15 which is creating the right stir among the audience jumpes again, inching closer to 60 Crores mark and totally eyeing the 70 crores mark with a splash of audience flocking to the theatres. The film earned 2.15 Cr on a Saturday, 1.25 Cr on Friday which totals up to 55.83 crore in total and is sure to reach the 60 crore grid very soon, owing to the massive jump.

The film which opened to massive praise and acclaim from the critics and audience ever since then, the film has not only gripped the entire nation with Ayushmann’s stellar performance but is charting success at the box -office with the most consistent run across the 15 days since its release.

Films like Article 15 when does great at the theatres, it’s a proud moment for the nation that people are opting to see such films based on real incidents. Article 15 holds the social nerve of the society presenting the alarming situation of our country from treating the dalits as untouchable to rapping a women. With the rap anthem ‘Ab Farq Layenge’ , the film has already taken the country by storm connecting with the audience.

The movie is packed with extremely realistic portrayals and powerful performances by Ayushmann Khurana and the rest of the cast. With impactful content and reality hitting you in the face, the numbers are proof that the movie has hit the right chord. With the rap anthem of ‘Ab Farq laayenge’, the film has taken the nation by storm.

The current numbers are proof that the industry is experiencing a good change and content-driven cinema like Article 15 is charting big numbers and has won over both, critically and commercially. Directed by Anubhav Sinha and Produced by Benaras Media Works and Zee Studios, the film is making the audience set a social perspective. It was released on 28th June, 2019 and is running successfully at the cinemas!

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