Awaiting ‘So Positive’ T-shirts in the market, a fan handprints the piece for Ananya Panday as she visits a college in Lucknow


Ananya Panday is reaching greater heights in her endeavours with her digital social responsibility initiative “So Positive” and is been receiving love and support from all of her industry peers. Topping it all, this DSR Initiative was highly appreciated by the students of Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow to such an extent that the actress’s fan hand-painted a T-Shirt of So Positive where despite high demands, the merchandise is still not available. This has made all the fans go bonkers about it and want it on the shelves so that they can wear the T-Shirt and show their support for their star!

Ananya was really impressed by the adorable gesture shown by the fan that she also shared a picture of the same hugging the College Student on her social media and captioned it as, “The sweetest little girl with her hand painted @sopositivedsr T -shirt!”

This is the sweetest thing on the Internet which is just melting our hearts away. This picture is just a proof of the fact that Ananya is being successful in spreading the across the message of giving love to hate and having an positive approach in your life throughout to lead a happy life even while dealing with the haters on Social Media.

Talking about dealing the haters on Social Media, Ananya Panday enlightened the girls of the College by imparting the best knowledge about using Social Media and the best ways to deal with bullying across the digital space. Ananya Panday’s initiative deserved to be loved by one and all as she is the only young influencer to take such a unique and relevant stand against a cause which requires more voices. Ananya is being the voice for the youth, by the youth and of the youth.

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