Anushka Sharma makes her fans’ dreams come true


Anushka Sharma is currently busy wrapping her work commitments in Brussels where she was busy doing a gorgeous shoot. Seeing that she was in Brussels, her fans decided that they would try and locate the superstar and meet her.

“The girls were on holiday in Brussels and they realised that Anushka was in the city as they follow her on social media. They decided that they would love to meet their favourite superstar and started looking around and asking people if they knew where shoots were happening. After a hectic couple of hours of trying to locate Anushka, they were delighted that they spotted her. They requested the actresses team to make their dreams come true and make them meet her. They were thrilled to know that Anushka too wanted to meet them and had spotted them at the location. Anushka has already requested her team to ensure that she meets the girls!” says an informer.

The source says, “Anushka spent time with these girls and took photos with them. Of course, the girls loved this experience and said they would cherish this meeting immensely. They had also bought a gift for their favourite cinema idol. They gifted her a huge box of Belgian chocolates and Anushka was of course touched with their gesture.”

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